Tuesday, August 18, 2015

7 social engineering techniques to steal facebook password

social engineeringFacebook has become more and more secure and is very hard to be hacked off to steal anyone's password. In one episode of a popular series, Leverage, they had come upon a person which us an old computer without any connection to the outer world and made hacking the computer to be impossible. Guess what, they hack the guy's mind. Literally, of course. Using the same idea, listed here 7 social engineering techniques to steal facebook password.

1. Share your laptop with the target. Use google chrome  
social engineeringLet the victim use your laptop/PC with your chrome browser left open logged in with your google account. Usually people will only click the left most button on any prompt. If you got lucky the target will save their facebook account password in your saved password database

social engineering2. Again, share your laptop/PC 

If the target is a detail person, they will read the save your password prompt and click on nope. Overcome this using a keylogger software that also keypress. Google it 

social engineering
3. Install netviewer on the target computer 

Netviewer can allow you to peek the victim's screen and can control the computer remotely, it has a mobile remote. So, get creative, after they logged in on facebook, loose their attention and reroute then reroute the browser to a mimic facebook relogin page which store the login and password in a secret dark places

social engineering

4. The old trick, e-mail 

If the victim network is heavily barricaded with a firewall, use the old technique by emailing them fake very similar link to facebook compulsory change password page or warning them on account login confirmation. Some fools will still fall for this trick

social engineering5. Cut the connection 

This trick needs you to sit near the network WAN connection physically. Whenever the victim login to their facebook account, pull out the cable. Then reconnect the cable after a while. They will freak out and then show them your cached facebook page and offer them to use your computer. Then again , use google chrome or keylogger technique

6. Develop a new software called facebook account stealer

Develop a new software which prompt the users to login and then display a mimic act of monitoring and searching for facebook account then give it an endless loop to make it a not responding programs and force close the software. Give it to the victim as a trial.

7. Ask them 
social engineering

Ask them during their sleep talking. 80% of person will just answer any question asked during their sleep talking. Why don't you give it a try. 

Disclaimer :
Those are ideas only. Use it on your own creativity. This blog and the writer are not responsible of any facebook account stealed using this 7 social engineering techniques to steal facebook password


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