Thursday, August 20, 2015

How to remove black shadow box without clicking anything

If you click on certain links posted on facebook, there is a chance that the link will force you to like their facebook pages or share their link to remove black shadow blocking visual access to the website. How to remove black shadow box without clicking anything?

Some people just click on the like button or share button and your partner, your friend , your child, your mama could see it on your timeline. It could be embarrassing if the link is an adult only link or sexy picture or sex technique. In certain part of the world, those kind interest is somewhat embarrassing. 

Some people just close the link or click the back button but what if the link is too interesting not to read about. There must be some way to overcome this headache. Some people already know the trick while many more didn't know it. Read on..

1. Chrome extension
There are some extension called quick javascript switch switcher which can quickly switch javascript to enable/disable, script block that can block additional script from running and AdBlock which can block all ads from showing. Ads usually use javascript and ,<script> element to run. Those extension detect the element and block it form running. Some ads provider has overcome these by developing anti script block and anti ad block that can detect if your browser has these extension, the webpage will stop loading

2. Inspect element (Chrome)
To toggle inspect element, right click and select inspect element. There is a script that prevent right clicking, use the shortcut (ctrl+shift+C). Now they also have a script that prevent the shortcut, just open a new tab and toggle inspect element then copy the link address on the toggled inspect element tab.

how to use inspect element
Now click on the magnifying class, it will turn to blue, then hover to the black area, the whole black area is greyed out if it is the right place. Then click on highlighted text in the bottom section. Delete the line.

clear mask
The black shadow is now vanished. No more embarrassing likes or shares on your timeline.

That's my way on how to remove black shadow box without clicking anything. For those who just happened to know about inspect element. Be creative and explore other means on using this function. Hint..: some mask


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