Thursday, August 13, 2015

Win 7 hidden tricks and features

Windows 7 has almost come to obsolete with the appearance of  Windows 8 and Windows 10. However most of us are still using Windows 7 due to its simplicity and user friendly features. I have discovered some Win7 hidden tricks and features. They surely will rock your day and makes you nerdier than your friend

Hidden international wallpaper

This is the very basic of win 7 hidden tricks and features. You will be amazed to know that Win 7 localization is not limited to GMT and language only

1. Click on the windows button (formerly start button) then type in the search box 
C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT" then press enter

2. A list of subfolder for MCT folder will be opened. Choose your desired theme and open the them subfolder of the MCT subfolder 

3. Double click the theme you see in there. A shortcut to the theme is now installed in the personalization setting.
win 7 hidden theme

Right click on desktop, choose personalize and choose background or theme.

Shake it , loose it

Sometimes it is very tired when I pressed the keyboard but the words is not there because of accidentally pressing the touchpad and activating the other programs window. Now there is an easy and fun way to hide all the other windows except the one you are using.

Click and hole the title bar and shake the window. Yea, I'm not kidding. Shake the window. All other windows will be minimized. 

Sleep it , don't shutdown

The default button in the shutdown menu is to shutdown the system. There are a group of people that only sleep their system , this is including me. it is rather annoying to always click the arrow beside the shutdown button to select sleep option. Win 7 hidden tricks and features also include this trick.

Win 7 hidden tricks and features
Right click on the start button, choose properties then, on the start menu tab, select sleep from the drop down list at power button action. Click apply and OK

Command Prompt at your command

This win 7 hidden tricks and features is for command prompt lover. Sometime we need to use the command prompt especially when dealing with terminal or android SDK. You don't need to CD to any folder with this win 7 hidden tricks and features. Just Open any folder you want to work in(or Cd) the hold shift key and right click, select open command window here. The command prompt will open with the directory set to the folder.

Lazy fat mouse, use keyboard instead

You can use the keyboard to launch any taskbar pinned program. Press the windows key + number corresponds to the significant position of the program in the taskbar. Number 1 for left most, then number 2 and then number 3

I like to see them all

Win 7 hidden tricks and featuresDrive like memory card reader always get hidden if it is empty. I bet there are some people getting concerned on this behavior. They do afraid the card reader is broken. Now , we can force win 7 to show all drives even they are empty

From windows explorer folder, any folder click Alt key to show the top menu. Click on tools, folder option , go to View tab.

Uncheck the hide empty drives in the Computer folder.

Now all drives will be shown in the Computer folder

There are so many other Win 7 hidden tricks and features. I will keep them posted here. That's it for now.

Do you know you can use Win 7 system to act as a hotspot and could be connected by Android phone? See it here


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