Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Facebook advertising? Like or lies?

Facebook advertising? Like or lies? I bet many of us bloggers had tried Facebook advertising to get likes or to boost post and got many likes. Have you ever wondered do all the likes are genuine and sincere likes? Now, let's see the engagement. Do you got a good ratio of engagement to reach quantity?

Facebook advertisingMy page Read This Got This got 464 likes from merely 1 likes after running FB page likes promotion for 3 days on RM20.00 budget ~USD$5.00. The country and interest targeting was left to default option. Guess what, most of the page's fan are from Pakistan. 

Facebook advertising
Another page Radio senyap got 53 likes from 0 after running the same promotion period with the same budget but with targeting set to Malaysia only and interest selected to only related to the pages all about. The likes are mostly from Malaysia.

After several posting on both pages, I got the reach and engagement results and also link clicks count.Then I started wondering why the reach are great but engagement and clicks are not developing for Read This Got This. However Radio senyap seems to have an acceptable reach to engagement ratio.

Facebook advertisingRead This Got This has 464 likes with 228 engagement and 154 post clicks   

Facebook advertising
Radio senyap has 53 likes with 247 engagement and 240 post clicks. Smaller likes but more clicks.

Facebook advertisingLooking into the pages insight, I realized that most of Read This Got This 's fan and reach are from Pakistan. So I tried to post something that looks a bit Pakistani to see if I could get more engagement but the result is still the same.

Facebook advertising
Different situation happened to Radio senyap, most of the pages 's fan and reach are from Malaysia. Once I posted a catchy title to the pages and it got 3k reach with 200++ link click. It was acceptable than 2K reach with 2 link click on Read This Got This.

At this rate, I wondered do all the likes are genuine, do they really want to like my pages or they just did it out of any basis. Do they really read my post? After watching a video in youtube as posted in Reddit /r/blogging subreddit I got my answer.

As the conclusion, if you created a new pages and want to look great in front of your friends, use FB ads with no targeting and interest set. If you want to have genuine and intended likes, use targeting and interest setting. 

Let's watch the video by Veritasium below:

If you are planning to use FB ads, plan carefully. Don't get too happy with many likes. Target your audience for more genuine and intended fans. Not those from click farm or random click workers.
So, Facebook advertising? Like or Lies? You have got your answer now..


M.Syamsid Dhuha said...

Thanks for the info , I never had a chance to buy their ads before but after read this article . Yaaa that sounds logical to me as well based on my friend told me they got from other country too!! guess what those ads not help them "targetted" followers neither or likes thy want . Well after they learn good strategies how to gain a followers that read "their" article and "Likes" , Its totaally a free method and need a good internet psychological to perform better in their page . Thanks for your info really helps a lot too :D

Read This Got This said...

You are welcome. Thank you for visiting. You blog is in my link list now. Good to know you

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