Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The one cent thief that owns a Lamborghini

Aman Shah was a 24 years old bank executive on 1990 working as a specialist in Hock Hua Bank, Malaysia with an income of RM1800.00 at that time lived in a very luxurious life including 6 supercars that was affordable only by a millionaire.

His luck begin when he caught his fomer boss's attention that sent him to a computer courses where he learnt the skills to perform his operation. He then appointed to Head Of Department of SPEED processing (Electronik transfer system for fund and securities).

It was learnt that he Read More >>>
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Facebook advertising? Like or lies?

Facebook advertising? Like or lies? I bet many of us bloggers had tried Facebook advertising to get likes or to boost post and got many likes. Have you ever wondered do all the likes are genuine and sincere likes? Now, let's see the engagement. Do you got a good ratio of engagement to reach quantity?

Facebook advertisingMy page Read This Got This got 464 likes from merely 1 likes after running FB page likes promotion for 3 days on RM20.00 budget ~USD$5.00. The country and interest targeting was left to default option. Guess what, most of the page's fan are from Pakistan. 

Facebook advertising
Another page Radio senyap got 53 likes from 0 after running the same promotion period with the same budget but with targeting set to Malaysia only and interest selected to only related to the pages all about. The likes are mostly from Malaysia.

After several posting on both pages, I got the reach and engagement results and also link clicks count.Then I started wondering why the reach are great but engagement and clicks are not developing for Read This Got This. However Radio senyap seems to have an acceptable reach to engagement ratio.

Facebook advertisingRead This Got This has 464 likes with 228 engagement and 154 post clicks   

Facebook advertising
Radio senyap has 53 likes with 247 engagement and 240 post clicks. Smaller likes but more clicks.

Facebook advertisingLooking into the pages insight, I realized that most of Read This Got This 's fan and reach are from Pakistan. So I tried to post something that looks a bit Pakistani to see if I could get more engagement but the result is still the same.

Facebook advertising
Different situation happened to Radio senyap, most of the pages 's fan and reach are from Malaysia. Once I posted a catchy title to the pages and it got 3k reach with 200++ link click. It was acceptable than 2K reach with 2 link click on Read This Got This.

At this rate, I wondered do all the likes are genuine, do they really want to like my pages or they just did it out of any basis. Do they really read my post? After watching a video in youtube as posted in Reddit /r/blogging subreddit I got my answer.

As the conclusion, if you created a new pages and want to look great in front of your friends, use FB ads with no targeting and interest set. If you want to have genuine and intended likes, use targeting and interest setting. 

Let's watch the video by Veritasium below:

If you are planning to use FB ads, plan carefully. Don't get too happy with many likes. Target your audience for more genuine and intended fans. Not those from click farm or random click workers.
So, Facebook advertising? Like or Lies? You have got your answer now..

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Crash a Win 7 system with a simple batch file

batch fileSome evening, a friend of mine asked me if I ever have hacked a network or ever created a virus program or ever created a batch file that has the ability to crash a Win 7 system, my answer was no without ever seeing him in the eyes. Although I had done those before, my answer is always no because I don't want to be seen, unless I want to be recognized.

Actually I had once captured the email password of my ex-boss using network capture program. That time, our corporate e-mail used a very simple e-mail client without any encryption. I got the password and actually felt my effort was useless because he was still using default password supplied to every new recruit enrolled in our company. 

Another time, I used IP scanner to find the IP's of thumbprint system on our office, found the information of the brand and downloaded the utility software of the system. Using common set of familiar admin password, I got access to the system and read the system's record but I didn't do anything on that and I didn't tell anyone on the breakthrough. Then on self integrity reason I removed the software from my laptop

Last year, another friend of mine keeps irritating me with his 'mooning' Skype smiley everyday. I just can't resist to punish him so I started searching on the Internet on how to use windows scripting to run a simple command in continuous loop.  I found my way, and send him the file with an innocent-can't- help-but-to-open file name then his laptop crashed. Even me myself can't do anything to stop the script except to force reset the machine. He got what he deserved, it was kind of me not to put the command to autorun the file on boot cycle. Let's study the code

---------------------------------------X start below this line--------------------------
SET /a i=0
IF %i%==10 GOTO END
start rahsia.bat 
SET /a i=%i%=1

---------------------------------------Until before this line-------------------------

Replace the red font rahsia.bat with the file name of the file
Replace the red font with any website address. This is the simple command.
The loop break on i=10 but i value always get reset to 1 so the loop will keep looping continuously.

Copy the lines of code and paste in notepad, save as type all type save as name as what you replaced the rahsia.bat red font. 

Run the file.

BEWARE: This file is simple but it is really and proven , tested to have the ability to crash a win 7 system. USE on YOUR own risk. I am not going to take any responsibility for any damaged done to your system. 
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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ancient gold bars found in ex-Japanese war tunnel

gold bar sabahGold bars reported to have been found i a Japanese WW2 war tunnel tunnel in a plantation owned by Sime Darby in Sabah, Malaysia. News spread out in social media including findings of gold bars etched with the word Sumatra , dated on 28.08.1941 and 999.9 However the truth on the news cannot be verified as none of the plantation's worker admitted the findings. Rumors said that all the gold bars had been taken by the workers hence no gold bar found Read More >>>

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Facebook Authorship for Blogspot Blogger. Confirmed working

Hello. As you can see using PC or mobile browser desktop view some people's blog or webpage link share on Facebook is written with author name written in blue link that people can hover to like or follow from the link itself without ever going to the person or page's FB profile.

Most of the links are wordpress based blog. You use blogger platform, you had tried the tutorials written by the others on the web but still the author name is shown either your name or no name or author name with a static text. Are you happy with that? Do you want to know how to change the author name to your FB profile link or FB page link? Read More >>>
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Thursday, August 20, 2015

How to remove black shadow box without clicking anything

If you click on certain links posted on facebook, there is a chance that the link will force you to like their facebook pages or share their link to remove black shadow blocking visual access to the website. How to remove black shadow box without clicking anything?

Some people just click on the like button or share button and your partner, your friend , your child, your mama could see it on your timeline. It could be embarrassing if the link is an adult only link or sexy picture or sex technique. In certain part of the world, those kind interest is somewhat embarrassing. 

Some people just close the link or click the back button but what if the link is too interesting not to read about. There must be some way to overcome this headache. Some people already know the trick while many more didn't know it. Read on..

1. Chrome extension
There are some extension called quick javascript switch switcher which can quickly switch javascript to enable/disable, script block that can block additional script from running and AdBlock which can block all ads from showing. Ads usually use javascript and ,<script> element to run. Those extension detect the element and block it form running. Some ads provider has overcome these by developing anti script block and anti ad block that can detect if your browser has these extension, the webpage will stop loading

2. Inspect element (Chrome)
To toggle inspect element, right click and select inspect element. There is a script that prevent right clicking, use the shortcut (ctrl+shift+C). Now they also have a script that prevent the shortcut, just open a new tab and toggle inspect element then copy the link address on the toggled inspect element tab.

how to use inspect element
Now click on the magnifying class, it will turn to blue, then hover to the black area, the whole black area is greyed out if it is the right place. Then click on highlighted text in the bottom section. Delete the line.

clear mask
The black shadow is now vanished. No more embarrassing likes or shares on your timeline.

That's my way on how to remove black shadow box without clicking anything. For those who just happened to know about inspect element. Be creative and explore other means on using this function. Hint..: some mask

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

7 social engineering techniques to steal facebook password

social engineeringFacebook has become more and more secure and is very hard to be hacked off to steal anyone's password. In one episode of a popular series, Leverage, they had come upon a person which us an old computer without any connection to the outer world and made hacking the computer to be impossible. Guess what, they hack the guy's mind. Literally, of course. Using the same idea, listed here 7 social engineering techniques to steal facebook password.

1. Share your laptop with the target. Use google chrome  
social engineeringLet the victim use your laptop/PC with your chrome browser left open logged in with your google account. Usually people will only click the left most button on any prompt. If you got lucky the target will save their facebook account password in your saved password database

social engineering2. Again, share your laptop/PC 

If the target is a detail person, they will read the save your password prompt and click on nope. Overcome this using a keylogger software that also keypress. Google it 

social engineering
3. Install netviewer on the target computer 

Netviewer can allow you to peek the victim's screen and can control the computer remotely, it has a mobile remote. So, get creative, after they logged in on facebook, loose their attention and reroute then reroute the browser to a mimic facebook relogin page which store the login and password in a secret dark places

social engineering

4. The old trick, e-mail 

If the victim network is heavily barricaded with a firewall, use the old technique by emailing them fake very similar link to facebook compulsory change password page or warning them on account login confirmation. Some fools will still fall for this trick

social engineering5. Cut the connection 

This trick needs you to sit near the network WAN connection physically. Whenever the victim login to their facebook account, pull out the cable. Then reconnect the cable after a while. They will freak out and then show them your cached facebook page and offer them to use your computer. Then again , use google chrome or keylogger technique

6. Develop a new software called facebook account stealer

Develop a new software which prompt the users to login and then display a mimic act of monitoring and searching for facebook account then give it an endless loop to make it a not responding programs and force close the software. Give it to the victim as a trial.

7. Ask them 
social engineering

Ask them during their sleep talking. 80% of person will just answer any question asked during their sleep talking. Why don't you give it a try. 

Disclaimer :
Those are ideas only. Use it on your own creativity. This blog and the writer are not responsible of any facebook account stealed using this 7 social engineering techniques to steal facebook password
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Win any game using cheat engine

cheat engine
Take a look at the picture on the left, the screenshot was captured on popular windows game, minesweeper. Mathematically and logically impossible for a normal person to complete the game in 1 second.

The picture was not photoshop, it is a genuine picture.
I made this possible using cheat engine. Usually cheats are purposely developed along with original games but for games like minesweeper, no official cheat ever been created.

Using cheat engine, we can cheat almost any games with proper technique and some creative mind. We can win any game using cheat engine

1. Download cheat engine at and install it in your system

2. Open cheat engine ( use 64bit version if your OS is 64bit)

3. Open minesweeper games

4. Click on process explorer in cheat engine  and select minesweeper.exe then click on Open

cheat enginecheat engine

5. Leave minesweeper, don't start clicking yet. Click on first scan, value type all and scan type value between. Insert 1 to 50 . Now click your first tile. The timer begin counting.

cheat engine

6. As soon as the timer started (make sure before timer reach 50 or you'll need to reset the value between again) click on first scan again. it will find any address with the value between 1 to 50 and display the result on the left tab
cheat engine

7. Select increased value on scan type and click on increased value repeatedly until you see an address with an increasing value and have the same value a the timer. If result list become empty , repeat the first scan and keep trying.

cheat engine
cheat engine

8. Double click on the suspect , the address will be copied to the bottom tab

9. To test the suspect, tick on the rectangle beside the address , the timer shall freeze now

cheat engine

10. Double click on the value at the bottom bar and insert the value to change . I.e ; 0 then click OK. The timer now changes to 0 and increase to 1 then freeze.

11. Keep on playing and finish the game. You have successfully cheated the minesweeper game.

This cheat engine could be used on various other games that used the RAM for temporary storage. Also if you get creative, you could bypass the trial or demo software limitation using this method. I.e: 5 song per session, 5 minutes per session. All you have to do is get creative and never stop trying. I must repeat, you can win any game using this cheat engine.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

CIH chernobyl. A virus that shook the world

Every old timer 'security enthusiasts' that
CIH Chernobyle
lived thru the year 1998-1999 have a sweet memory of a virus named CIH Chernobyl. For me myself, I have a friend of mine claimed to have a burnt motherboard after being infected by the virus. It's seems illogical but after full exposure of the virus and its behavior,  I admitted that my friend wasn't bluffing back then. Read More >>>>
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Saturday, August 15, 2015

See how they hack a car

I've been finding the videos on how the guys in the last post hack and control a car. I thought they only got to lock and unlock the car, well that's pretty scary.

They got on the next level, disabled the steering system, take control off the wheel and the most horrible thing, they even disabled the braking system. And they did this to a jeep on a Highway. Yes. The highway. 

Pheww.. I'm lucky to only drive an old proton saga. No need to worry for someone remotely control my car. And guys... Never forget to bring your steering lock.

See the video below

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Friday, August 14, 2015

This is why we need to maintain the traditional lock system in cars

Cars are now become more sophisticated, modern and effortless. There are cars that were equipped with their own control system, remote system and monitoring system. When it involves networking and internet, we need to ask the car manufacturer, can hackers hack a car? In 2010, there was a case where a merely 100 cars were hacked. It was later found out that it was inside job by an employee of a car dealer by taking advantage on a technology to enable remote repossession.
pcmag hack a car

On early July 2015, two security researcher had demonstrated that they can actually hack a car and took control of the car. 

PCMAG has the full story.. 

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Win 7 hidden tricks and features

Windows 7 has almost come to obsolete with the appearance of  Windows 8 and Windows 10. However most of us are still using Windows 7 due to its simplicity and user friendly features. I have discovered some Win7 hidden tricks and features. They surely will rock your day and makes you nerdier than your friend

Hidden international wallpaper

This is the very basic of win 7 hidden tricks and features. You will be amazed to know that Win 7 localization is not limited to GMT and language only

1. Click on the windows button (formerly start button) then type in the search box 
C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT" then press enter

2. A list of subfolder for MCT folder will be opened. Choose your desired theme and open the them subfolder of the MCT subfolder 

3. Double click the theme you see in there. A shortcut to the theme is now installed in the personalization setting.
win 7 hidden theme

Right click on desktop, choose personalize and choose background or theme.

Shake it , loose it

Sometimes it is very tired when I pressed the keyboard but the words is not there because of accidentally pressing the touchpad and activating the other programs window. Now there is an easy and fun way to hide all the other windows except the one you are using.

Click and hole the title bar and shake the window. Yea, I'm not kidding. Shake the window. All other windows will be minimized. 

Sleep it , don't shutdown

The default button in the shutdown menu is to shutdown the system. There are a group of people that only sleep their system , this is including me. it is rather annoying to always click the arrow beside the shutdown button to select sleep option. Win 7 hidden tricks and features also include this trick.

Win 7 hidden tricks and features
Right click on the start button, choose properties then, on the start menu tab, select sleep from the drop down list at power button action. Click apply and OK

Command Prompt at your command

This win 7 hidden tricks and features is for command prompt lover. Sometime we need to use the command prompt especially when dealing with terminal or android SDK. You don't need to CD to any folder with this win 7 hidden tricks and features. Just Open any folder you want to work in(or Cd) the hold shift key and right click, select open command window here. The command prompt will open with the directory set to the folder.

Lazy fat mouse, use keyboard instead

You can use the keyboard to launch any taskbar pinned program. Press the windows key + number corresponds to the significant position of the program in the taskbar. Number 1 for left most, then number 2 and then number 3

I like to see them all

Win 7 hidden tricks and featuresDrive like memory card reader always get hidden if it is empty. I bet there are some people getting concerned on this behavior. They do afraid the card reader is broken. Now , we can force win 7 to show all drives even they are empty

From windows explorer folder, any folder click Alt key to show the top menu. Click on tools, folder option , go to View tab.

Uncheck the hide empty drives in the Computer folder.

Now all drives will be shown in the Computer folder

There are so many other Win 7 hidden tricks and features. I will keep them posted here. That's it for now.

Do you know you can use Win 7 system to act as a hotspot and could be connected by Android phone? See it here

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How to install Xiaopan into USB Disk

Xiaopan OS is a Tiny Core Linux (TCL) based operating system that can be use to test your network security leaks and weakness. It can be installed as a standalone OS, in USB disk as a live disk or VM. I will cover a tutorial on how to install Xiaopan into USB disk and use it as a live disk. Read More >>>
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