Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My adsense account had been approved!!! Thank you GOOGLE

google adsense approved
Finally, after four times applying to google adsense for this blog, my application got accepted. That was on the 3rd google account. Pheww.

First thing first, I logged on to adsense dashboard and then I realized that it is really messy to log in and log out and log in again from blogger to adsense account as I'm using different google account for both.

The solution? I log in to my primary blogger account and invite my other self on the other e-mail address that was approved for google adsense as an author. Next I log in to the other e-mail address and accept the invitation. Then I log out and log in again as the primary blogger account and set the other me as an admin to the blog.

Then log out again and log in again as the adsense approved google account and then, NO more mess.

Unluckily, the google adsense ads section is still blank not showing anything. Why? Why? Why? I asked myself and checked if something went wrong, cross check the publisher ID in adsense dashboard and in blogger layout. It were the same ID. Then I tried to manually insert the ads code into blogger HTML/JavaScript gadget. Still, no avail. What is going on here?

I had highlighted the problem to google adsense team using the feedback form provided in adsense dashboard and do some googling. It seems that the problem is due to my previous previous previously disapproved adsense account linked to the blog. Google will take some time to clear out the other accounts before ads start showing up. I will just wait till then.



nor azman said...

Tahniah lag ye..hehe

Khairul Hilmi Sidek said...


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