Friday, April 18, 2014

Aliexpress.. a child of Alibaba

Launched in April 2010, AliExpress is a retail marketplace targeted at consumers worldwide, many of them located in the United States and emerging markets including Eastern Europe and South America. The platform is primarily made up of small business sellers offering good value on a wide variety of consumer products.

There are many many many items to buy in Aliexpress.. It is different from that, is targeted for wholeseller only. Aliexpress also good for retailer. You can buy on the lowest moq (minimum order quantity) down to 1 quantity only. 

Who are the seller?

They come from 3 different categories that are factories, wholeseller and person. Usually they will offer free shipping using snail mail. If you want tracking number and faster delivery, you could choose from options of delivery company. One important thing is to be sure to tell the seller to declare your item as gifts ( of course for a small quantity ) if they are big in packaging or too many the customs will throw a suspicion on your item and will rip off you packaging. Believe it. I had been through this. My items received with a broken packaging. I mean you can see they had been opened. Luckily i got cleared and didn't have to pay for import tax. 

If you want to buy bulk items but not so many as a container or a trailer you should go to aliexpress. You can buy in bulk and sell them for a profit.. Now they have a very big sale. Up to 70%. Yes.. 70% .. Click on the badge below and happy shopping..


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