Thursday, April 17, 2014

8share and its little secret

I've come upon 8share and found it interesting, promising and not scam. 8share actually formerly known as First published on sometime in the year of 2011. It has been 3 years and it is self explanatory on its authenticity for. Scam will only survive for a year only. After got enough money, they got away and 'cabut'. 8share is definitely not a scam or phishing or whatsoever evil cyber crime bla bla bla. You don't have to put out your wallet for 8share. Just register and share.

Take a peek on the screenshot of 8share below


As you can see there are plenty of things for us to share on facebook, twitter or google plus. There are so easy, just share and let the money grow. No membership fee, no pay, no buying a thing. Just share it. There are nothing to lose.

Head to 8share by clicking here, register, share and let the money keep coming



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