Saturday, April 19, 2014

Advertising and Advertisement..

Every business need to be known of it's existence then the customers will start to flock in and pour money for the products or services they need. The most hard thing in business is getting the first customer. In Terengganu language 'buat gorri'. When you have your first customer then other customer will keep coming because the best advertising effort is mouth to mouth advertising.

For online business, there are many method could be used to advertise your product or service. Back in 2000 (pre-google era), the only method available is e-mail ads using list emailer. Then google born and put up a new way of advertisement using adwords. Only then many others follow google way and develop ads service such as

Google adwords is very effective advertising tool but the rules and policy are too strict. Sometimes you got banned without knowing why. Alternatively you could register with using the link below :

$20 in FREE Clicks for everyone from BidVertiser - Click Here!

Yes.. they even give $20 to get you started. Believe me, bidvertiser is better than adsense. When i registered with them, in the first 2 days, i got 1000 impression and 5 clicks (impression is counted when your ads appear in web search or in member's webpage)

Driving along the highway, we could see several billboards fill up with ads from various company but if you observe enough, there are names of the billboard owner below the ads such as GANAD or etc. In cyber world highway, we are the billboard owner and we can rent our space to the others for advertisement.

The most popular ads provider is adsense but again , the rules and policy are too strict. You only have 1 chance to enroll in their program. If you got disapproved, you are only given 1 appeal.If your appeal rejected, you cannot enroll yourself like FORever.

An alternative to adsense is It works the same way as adsense but chances to get your website approved is a lot higher than asense. There are also many types of ads you wish to display on your website such as banner, photo ads, skyscapper etc. Click the link below to put some ads on your website/blog and get some profit..

Monetize your Website or Blog with BidVertiser


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