Monday, October 5, 2015

Redang Island. A journey to remember

On 1-3rd October 2015, me and my family had a family vacation Redang Island, Terengganu, Malaysia. We have a very joyful and memorable moments there. Redang Island is one of many islands in Terengganu water. Among other attractions to Redang is Redang Marine Park which is located near Redang Island.

We departed to Redang Island on ferry from Shahbandar jetty on 9.00 a.m ferry. We took 3D2N package direct from Redang Lagoon Resort which we found the cheapest and worth for money package for our trip. There are many other packages offered by other resort operators and travel agents ranging from medium range to high luxury package. Of course the price will be higher for the more luxury package.

redang island ferry
Inside the ferry
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Etuza Etuza said...

Asalam datang nak kenal blogger dan blog..terbaik

Khairul Hilmi Sidek said...

selamat berkenalan. terime kasih

Annur Syuhadah said...

Membalas kunjungan.. salam kenal
#TBA we suport each other

Khairul Hilmi Sidek said...


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